Bravo Media invites you to follow the the five-star shenanigans at Timber Creek Lodge as the hardworking and entertaining staff  serve a slew of elite clientele. We look forward to seeing more from this series this season…

During the season, viewers will go behind the doors to see the resort staff working around the clock to provide the ultimate vacation experience at an ultra-luxurious North America ski lodge and perhaps some on-and-off duty drama as well (it is Bravo, after all…).

Consisting of a lodge manager, VIP hosts, personal chef, bartender, housekeepers and servers, this team will collectively do whatever it takes, even if that means blurring the lines of professionalism. With this mix of fiery personalities all living, working and partying together under one roof, they are sure to bump heads, break hearts and bend rules as they find their place, earn their keep and navigate the resort’s hierarchy. We will surely see that it is all work (and a lot of play) at “Timber Creek Lodge.”

Courtesy Bravo - PhotoCredit: Brendan Meadows - Timber Creek Lodge

See a 30-Second Teaser of Timber Creek Lodge

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  1. jud

    just a comment about timber creek lodge. if mark and jenna never agreed that they were an item, she has no right to get all upset over his shenanagins. she knew he was a player when she started working there. you people need to act like adults


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