Located in Panama City’s financial district, Hilton Panama is recognized as a first class property in Panama with 347 rooms and an array of recreational facilities including a 5,000 square-foot fitness center, a 5,000 square-foot eforea spa, outdoor terrace swimming pool and a 50,000 square-foot Las Vegas-style casino. However, Hilton Panama has teamed with Mattel® to introduce the Barbie® Room to the latest generation of Barbie® admirers in Panama City, Panama. This very pink room is a dream-come-true for the many Barbie® fans in the world dreaming of spending a few days enjoying the magic of the toy world’s fashion icon; and perhaps be a nightmare of epic pink proportions for the lesser fans. Either way you look at it, the exclusive occasion to pay homage to Barbie®, which is unquestionably the most popular fashion doll ever produced, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Available March 8 through August 15, 2016, the room brings glamour, fun and fantasy to life with all the elements of a Barbie®-themed paradise, and offers a connecting deluxe room for parents, grandparents or family members. Guests will be welcomed to the hotel with an oversized display from the most famous doll in the world for the first of many photographs.

The room took four weeks to complete from design concept to unveiling, and features exclusive Barbie® items and welcomes guests to a Barbie experience like no other with décor, bedding, movies, toys, dolls, special amenities, games, furniture, pillows, toiletries, costumes, a changing room and even a runway where the fashion icon’s fans can model.


“Since opening, Hilton Panama has made every effort to offer innovative products and services our guests will appreciate and this latest initiative reinforces our commitment,” said Andres Korngold, Director of Business Development at Hilton Panama. “We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and home, and the Barbie® Room is an excellent way to help our business, and frequent travelers, enjoy an unforgettable experience with their families.”

Hilton Panama is also offering an array of Barbie® themed activities for all hotel guests. Hilton Panama executive chef, Germán Ghelfi, has created a Barbie® themed menu, while the eforea Spa salon at Hilton Panama welcomes guests with a special Barbie® beauty package. If you have a Barbie® fan in your life, of if you have spent a lifetime dreaming of entering the world of Barbie® for a night or two, then the Hilton Panama is a must-visit for you in the next several months. For reservations or further information, visit www.panama.hilton.com, or call 1-800-HILTONS.

Source & Photos Courtesy Hilton Panama