Bavaria is calling! Leave your stress behind and explore these five unique overnight finds in Bavaria when exploring the best of Germany. Bavaria proves to be the perfect travel destination for a truly restorative holiday that creates space for self-reflection and self-discovery. No wonder that even a small break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is often seen as a new form of luxury. Focus on peace, tranquility, slowing down and relaxation while in Bavaria.

1. Burg Rabenstein

Located in Northern Bavaria along the famous Castle Road and between the cities of Bamberg and Bayreuth, Burg Rabenstein Castle is one of the most majestic places to stay. This secluded medieval castle is over 800 years old, and it offers a step back in time with the many annual entertaining offers on property – from a famous medieval market and events to special Falconry shows. With 22 rooms, Burg Rabenstein can also be closed to the public for special events such as weddings to maintain the private and unique ambiance. This buyout option is ideal for social distancing on a grand level.

2. Gästehaus Weingut am Stein

The Franconia region in Northern Bavaria is known for its delicious wines. Stepping into Weingut am Stein is a paradise for wine lovers, offering visitors the opportunity to walk the vineyard grounds, taste test, visit the cellar and learn all about their Franconian wine. The beautiful estate offers a guesthouse apartment that lets visitors experience first-hand and in depth the everyday life at the vineyard. Looking out over the rooftops of Würzburg, the Weingut am Stein guesthouse nestles amongst the vineyards like a monolith of limestone. The guesthouse apartment offers three lovingly appointed rooms, an open living dining room and a bathroom. The estate even offers culinary courses and a restaurant where guests can experience the full range of cuisine, art and wine.

3. King’s House on Schachen 

The Royal Mountain Cabin or The King’s House on Schachen is along the Bavarian Alps and was built by the famous Fairytale King, Ludwig II of Bavaria, creator of Neuschwanstein Castle (one of the most famous attractions in the world). King Ludwig was an innovator and was regarded as a person way beyond his time. He built several palaces and castles during his reign in the late 1800’s. The mountain cabin seems rather simple and modest. But appearances can be deceptive: While the bedchamber and work room are furnished with simple oak furniture, the actual splendor of this wooden construction is revealed in the upper floor: A spiral staircase takes visitors step by step into the “Turkish Hall” – and transports them to an Oriental kingdom: gilded walls, a fountain in the middle of the room, colorful windows, peacock feathers. Stars sparkle on the ceiling, which is dominated by a huge, golden chandelier. With his hunting lodge on the Schachen, Ludwig II created a unique contrast: an Oriental dream world in the heart of the Bavarian Alps. At present, the former servant’s quarter (a 3-minute walk from the mountain cabin) is a restaurant and offer simple accommodation for hikers or visitors looking to stay overnight.

4. Gästehaus St. Georg, Weltenburg Abbey

Looking for a place to disconnect and feel the sense of calmness within yourself? In Bavaria, monasteries offer guests the meditative state they seek. Weltenburg Abbey is the oldest monastery in Bavaria that was founded in the year 600, and located along the breathtaking Danube Gorge, where 128-foot high cliffs stand and the Danube forms in a curvy narrow stretch. This is natural beauty at its greatest. For monks of the Benedictine order, hospitality has always been of great importance. Gästehaus St. Georg offers 57 rooms with a simple and comfortable design. Let’s not forget to mention that within this monastery you will also find a restaurant with an idyllic beer garden and the opportunity to tour one of the oldest breweries in the world.

5. The Hyt

The Hyt is a mobile cabin nestled within Bavarian nature at the edge of the Bavarian Forest that is regarded as one of the most peaceful places to stay in Bavaria. Guests can choose from various carefully selected sites in the middle of the wildlife park. It’s creator, Thomas Gstettenbauer won the 2018 “German Design Award” for his Hyt. Experiencing nature in a Hyt rather than burdening it is a concept that is very well received by guests. The idea of the Hyt being a mobile cabin prevents damaging the impressive landscape and putting any strain on Mother Nature. It’s the combination of nature, forest and the proximity of the animals that makes the experience in a Hyt so unique!

Bavaria Looks Forward to Welcoming You Back…

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