Camping is not considered the most glamorous thing. However, that is why glamping was invented. A smart combo of words “glam” and “camping” has given birth to a whole different concept: staying out in the open, while enjoying all the amenities of a luxury hotel. However, this can be a little pricey for those who are on a budget. However, with a bit of effort, and with our tricks, it’s possible to make your ordinary tent or RV experience feel like a fancy hotel. So here are some ways to make that happen. 

1. Make sure that it’s clean

Your safety out in the open shouldn’t be compromised by a dirty, unkempt tent or RV. Therefore, be sure to clean it thoroughly before you embark on your next adventure. Now, when you’re camping, it’s quite likely you’re going to get a bit dirty. After all, that’s what nature is all about. But, make sure that your RV or tent are clean and tidy. You can use various eco-friendly cleaning products to get rid of dirt and grease. Plus, it’s a great way to be more mindful of the environment. 

2. Plan every bit that can be planned 

When you’re traveling, that means that some things will happen that’ll be outside your control. This is simply a reality, and you should accept it. However, if you want a glamorous experience, then it’s essential to plan a lot of things in advance. For example, knowing places that you’ll visit, campsites, and adventure activities up front will help you focus on more luxurious aspects of the trip. Being organized and planning things in timely manner is hugely important in this case. When it comes to your RV and tent, feel free to decorate it with bits and items that evoke emotions of opulence and luxury to you.

3. Don’t forget about basic comfort and safety 

Basic comfort and safety are a must, regardless of whether you plan to sleep in a tent or an RV. However, driving in a vehicle isn’t the same as sleeping in the tent, so make sure that your RV is always warm, functional and safe. This is why you should get a diesel heater for camper especially if you’re planning a trip during colder months. If you’re aiming to drive around the East Coast or through the Midwest, then making sure that your vehicle is well-heated should be your priority. This is why a quality diesel heater for RV will be such a helpful tool. Aside from that, bringing a well-made, soft linen and bedsheets is a great way to make your sleepover experience more luxurious and elegant. 

4. If you’re staying in a tent, then get a yurt

Yurts are traditionally Mongolian tents made of animal skin that are responsible for keeping them warm. But, yurts have also become popular thanks to glamping. So if you’re planning to use a tent, then better make it a yurt. If you decide to upgrade to a yurt, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its sturdiness and durability, especially when you compare them to traditional tents. 

5. It’s all about little things

This is the ultimate camping trick that will make you feel rich and stylish, even during the camping trip. Fun and cozy things such as blankets, pillows and your fave mug will definitely add to the experience. All those little extras can make a huge difference, as you’ll feel more comfortable and at-home, no matter where you decide to go. 

Final thoughts 

Luxury, just like the beauty is often in the eyes of the beholder. These tips will help you make your RV or tent feel more spacious, comfortable and of course, luxurious. But remember that planning in advance and being optimistic are true tips that will help you have an amazing trip!