There has been a lot of changes in the way public restrooms are built and one of the key developments is that it should be able to allow access to handicapped individuals as laid out in the policies and guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Old buildings and structures that were built before the act was implemented had to renovate their areas following the said accommodations for handicapped individuals. This has led to the unprecedented renovations of old restrooms that were open to the public. To answer such a need for a material that can be easily installed and had the standard dimensions and sizes, the modular bathroom partitions were developed. These partitions divide the existing restrooms into several functional units which also depended on the floor area of the actual restrooms. In the past, restrooms were done using tiles and other materials that were permanent and if one wanted to update the look or rehabilitate the restrooms, it had to be demolished and replaced with a new one. This is a very time-consuming and expensive process, on the other hand using the bathroom partitions will be fast, easy, and most importantly according to code and the ADA. If you are still wondering whether using partitions are better than the old ways, then try to look at the restrooms in restaurants, stadiums, gyms, and even in schools and airports; all of them have switched to modular bathroom partitions. There are even a lot of designs and materials that you can choose from and whichever you choose will be a great one as long as it is according to your budget and need. You can even go to the website of online suppliers of bathrooms partitions and check out their sample displays and list of clients and you can go to it personally so you can see for yourself how it is used and installed. Here are a few reasons why you need bathroom partitions for your renovation works. 

Bathroom partitions are cost-effective. 

Any renovation or updating of any space or room is expensive, you need to spend for the materials and labor costs and sometimes can run into problems and difficulties if you did not plan enough for it. Mistakes can happen along the way and it will only cost you more than what was initially budgeted for, to which the inconvenience on the part of the tenants or users of the restrooms can be an added pressure point. You will need bathroom partitions because it is the easiest and most effective means of completing your restroom renovation project. Most of the partitions are made from materials that will last from 5 to 30 years, thus, after this renovation, you would not need to do any updating or rehabilitation within that period. Even if you spend more today on the partitions, it will last for years and you will save money in the long run. Imagine having to renovate a restroom, put up walls and tiles, and since it is difficult to completely clean and manage, wear and tear shows rapidly as that of possible vandalism and destruction. That would mean, you have to rehabilitate the restroom again while using the bathroom partitions would ensure you that you will not have to replace the partitions anytime soon. As the years go by, the bathroom partitions you installed will continue to provide security, privacy, and safety to its visitors, and that is money well spent. The partitions come at various prices based on the materials used to manufacture them, however, you can always negotiate a good deal if you are buying in bulk or if you do not make a rush order. Although you have to spend a bit more today, you will not have to spend on any other renovations shortly and it will give you the style and look that you want in your restrooms. 


Bathroom partitions can be easily installed. 

These bathroom partitions can be easily installed with the help of a local carpenter or even with someone who knows how to read an installation guide and are handy with tools. There is no special equipment needed to install the partitions, and the tools you need will probably be ones that you already have. If you are renovating a huge restroom with 3 to 5 stalls in it, then you would probably need a crew to help you get it done on the same day. You do not even have to worry about the partitions and installing them as they come in a complete set, from the panels, doors, hardware, and fixtures. When you order one set of bathroom partitions, it is a stand-alone stall and it will be sturdy and durable, and even pretty to look at. If you are not confident in doing the installation by yourself, you can always ask the supplier for their assistance and they have skilled technicians ready to walk you through the process and help you get it installed properly. 

Bathroom partitions provide security and privacy. 

The bathroom partitions come in various sizes and dimensions and different designs, mostly around how tall or short the partitions are and where it is installed, from the ceiling, on the floor, or both. If your restroom is a bit small with short ceilings, then the floor-mounted bathroom design is the most suitable one. But if you want the longest panels, and one that was secured and private, then the floor-to-ceiling design is the best option. You can see these kinds of partitions in airports and schools where privacy and safety are the biggest issues. The other two designs; the overhead bathroom and the ceiling hung bathroom designs are the most commonly found among the restrooms in the country. Each design can be had for every type of material used for the partitions, may it be powder-coated steel, laminated steel, solid plastic, or stainless steel. Although some materials are suited more for a specific design the stainless steel would be most suited for the floor to ceiling designs. When a person goes into a public restroom, he or she is of the assumption that it is clean, safe, and provides privacy. Thus, you need to choose the partitions that would provide those conditions.