It’s not breaking news that many of us take our mobility for granted. I’m guilty of this, but I had an eye-opening realization when I began to look for mobility options for my father—more specifically, electric wheelchairs and scooters. Whether it be navigating airports around the world, exploring national parks, getting around the cities, or simply venturing out in his hometown for dinner with friends, I wanted to find a solution to make all these things possible again.

As I narrowed the search of scooters that would be easy to handle and maneuver through crowds at airports and train stations, my pursuits kept coming back to the WHILL Ci2 power chair. It seemed to check all the boxes, plus it offered a level of technology that I was not seeing with any other products out there. After hours of research and reading a lot of reviews, the Ci2 seemed to be the perfect solution to not only make travel enjoyable again, but also provide an added ease to his everyday lifestyle.

After several flights, the Ci2 has proved to be an absolute game-changer in the best way possible. Having the ability to ride all the way to the gates was refreshing for my father. With the click of a few switches, the airlines were able to take control of the scooter at the gate and guide it into the cargo area. They did have to take the scooter apart for one of the smaller planes, but that proved simple for the airlines as it was removing the battery and then disassembling it into the 3 parts and storing it away for the short flight. On the other hand, the simple task of riding to the mailbox each day is also possible now thanks to the Ci2.

With an amazing turning radius, the ability to control via the app and the customization options, the Ci2 is clearly a game-changer in this industry, and I personally cannot wait to see more from WHILL in the coming years… making travel (and everyday life) more accessible and more enjoyable for so many people.

WHILL Model Ci2 | A beautiful combination of technology and safety…

From enhanced suspension that provides more comfort when driving long distances, to an increased 11-mile range per charge, to a higher weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, the Model Ci2 improves on its predecessor in almost every way. Additionally, popular features such as WHILL’s patented front omni-wheels, remote app control, and advanced battery technology are back and better than ever.

The Model Ci2 addresses a number of key concerns for the active mobility device user: it disassembles in four steps for easy transportation, has a 29.9” turning radius that allows the user to make tight turns in narrow spaces, and features new safety enhancements and better overall visibility. The Model Ci2 has also been redesigned to allow for easier transfer in and out of the seat.

WHILL Model C2 Power Chair: A Compact, Intelligent & Ultra-Portable Mobility Solution…

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: 11-mile per charge range, 300-pound weight capacity, 5 mph top speed
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Use the WHILL app to remotely drive the Model Ci2
  • PORTABLE: Disassembles in four steps for easy transportation – 114 pounds, fully assembled
  • MANEUVERABILITY: 9″ turning radius allows you to make tight turns in narrow spaces
  • POWERFUL: Climb over obstacles up to 2” high with powerful motor and front omni-wheels

Introducing the Model Fi | An even more portable option…

WHILL Model Fi is a foldable personal electric vehicle that is designed to be used by anyone, including active seniors and people who have difficulty walking. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to load into cars and convenient when traveling by air. Model Fi can also be folded effortlessly and quickly, providing a seamless travel experience for those who want to get out and explore. When folded, the product can be stored upright or flat depending on its environment. Additionally, the WHILL smartphone app allows you to drive and lock the Model Fi remotely, as well as check device information such as total mileage and battery level.

“Our product and services are created through the concept of smart and inclusive mobility development,” said Satoshi Sugie, CEO of WHILL. “We want to provide innovative technology to allow individuals the ability to independently reach their destination, no matter how far.” 

WHILL Model Fi Power Chair: The perfect travel chair…

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: 4-mile per charge range, 250-pound weight capacity, 3.7 mph top speed
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Use the WHILL app to remotely drive the Model Fi
  • PORTABLE: Lightweight and foldable makes it easy to store – 58.9 pounds, fully assembled
  • MANEUVERABILITY: 7″ turning radius allows you to make tight turns in narrow spaces
  • POWERFUL: Climb over obstacles up to 1.4” high and safely handle slopes up to 10 degrees

WHILL Model Ci2 | An interview with spokesperson, Sylvia Longmire…

Sylvia Longmire is a service-disabled veteran, mother, author, consultant, entrepreneur, world traveler, and the reigning Ms. Wheelchair USA 2016. She traveled extensively from an early age and during her time as an Air Force officer and Special Agent. After she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005, her ability to walk started to deteriorate. Fortunately, the progression of her MS was slow enough that she could gradually adapt to new ways of living. When she’s not traveling, Sylvia works as a consultant and subject matter expert on Mexico’s drug war and border security issues. She has two books in print, Cartel and Border Insecurity, as well as numerous editorial articles and photography published about her global travels. She is a single mom to two amazing boys, who inspired her to form The PreJax Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides college scholarships to students with MS or those who have a parent with MS.

Q: How has the Ci2 enhanced your lifestyle?

A: I have a very active lifestyle, both traveling and just getting out and about in my local community. My Whill Ci2 allows me to be comfortable and engage in pretty much any activity I want, especially anything that involves tight spaces or some maneuvering. I also love that it is sleek and attracts a lot of positive attention. It makes me feel good as a wheelchair user in public spaces.

Q: When traveling as you do, how does the Ci2 compare to other options out there?

A: Every wheelchair user has very specific needs for their mobility devices. I do a lot of international travel, and I put my chair through its paces, with things like cobblestones, packed gravel, steep inclines, and a lot of rough surfaces in general. I need large front wheels to overcome threshold and obstacles, a comfortable seat that I can be in all day, and portability in case accessible transportation isn’t ideal. I chose the Ci2 because it checks off all the boxes for me. I explored other options, and either they are not as comfortable as I need, the wheels aren’t as big, they are not as sturdy, or they don’t separate into pieces that are easily transportable.

Q: Any tips or highlights from your time navigating airports with your Ci2?

A: The biggest airport tip I can give is to make sure that you communicate as clearly as possible with airline staff and the ramp crew what you need to keep your chair from getting damaged. The Ci2 makes it easy because the levers to put the chair in neutral are bright red and easy to find. However, when you’re traveling internationally and the language is a barrier, it can also help to have a document with clearly labeled pictures on the back of the chair to let people know how to move the chair without breaking it apart. Communication is key and making it as easy as possible for the ramp crew to put the chair in the plane and take it off will help a lot.