As an eco-conscious traveler, you may be starting to base your travel choices on a new set of guidelines, looking for businesses doing what they can to help save energy and be more environmentally friendly. If that’s the case, a trend in the boating industry with marinas and the ultra-glamorous superyachts may be of interest to you. Many have now begun retrofitting their facilities to save on energy consumption, which saves money immediately and in the long term. Here’s a more specific look at the measures that some marinas and yachting companies are taking.


Retrofitting Old Energy Electrical Systems

One of the biggest steps a marina can take right is to retrofit and replace old and outdated electrical systems. Many of these are no longer adequate for present requirements, and they are far from energy-efficient. Repairs can only take a business so far and then it gets to the point where it makes more sense to tear out the existing system and replace it with something new. A brand new electrical system means the energy can flow in the most efficient way possible.

When it comes to retrofitting a yacht, it’s a lot more involved. The systems in place can be quite involved, especially if it’s a large yacht. But it goes back to the same principle – updating to deliver the necessary system and thereby saving on energy consumption and costs.

Upgraded Modern Lighting

Just as many homeowners are doing, updating to modern energy-saving lighting is another way that marinas and super-sized yachts are keeping with the times. All that has to be done is to swap out the old incandescent lights with the modern LED lights, so it’s a simple and cost-effective solution. By doing an energy savings of up 80% can be realized. It’s a significant saving both from a monetary point of view and an energy savings point of view.

It’s important to also note that LED lights have a much longer lifespan than incandescent lights, so the business or yacht will be generating less waste over time.

Besides replacing the lights, many are embracing motion detector lights or even lights on a timer. Again, it helps to cut down on the amount of electricity the marina is using.

Companies are Now Specializing in This Kind of Service

Because retrofitting a whole energy system in something as complex as a yacht isn’t exactly simple, electrical companies are now specializing in the offering. You can check out companies like Tess Electrical, which offer yacht electrical services and commercial electrical installations no matter the size of the project. This provides you with a closer look at the kind of retrofitting happening right now.

Every business out there can use these same techniques, regardless of the type of industry they are in. It’s all about upgrading, modernizing, and retrofitting the current electrical systems. 

Every Eco-Conscious Decision Helps

The fact is that any time a business makes an eco-conscious decision, it has a positive ripple effect. Marinas and yachting companies are learning that by upgrading and retrofitting electrical systems there are real energy and cost savings to be had. As a consumer, it makes you want to support these kinds of businesses.