Spring is on the way, which means that you’re likely to want to pay much more attention to your garden. It’s going to start growing much more vibrantly and strongly, requiring more frequent care. Of course, it’s also much more visible thanks to the extra sunlight, giving your home that extra curb appeal, which is always a benefit, whether you’re selling or not. As such, with the arrival of spring, it’s not uncommon for a big garden clean to help you get the exterior ready for the brighter seasons of the year. Here are some ways you can prepare.


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Get mulch ahead of time

It’s all too common to find people that forget the importance of re-mulching their garden each year. Not only is old mulch likely to get picked away over time, but you have to remove it to get rid of any weeds that have found a way to grow through it, as well. As such, make sure that you buy mulch ahead of time so that you’re not caught by surprise when you need to remulch some areas of the garden.


Test out your lawnmower first

Your lawn is going to need some TLC, which means getting the mower out. However, after a winter of disuse, it’s not uncommon for these machines to experience some issues. Take the time to check the blades, making sure that they are clean and there are no visible blockages, then run the mower over a small patch of grass to test it. If you need to order any parts to fix your outdoor power equipment, it’s best to know that ahead of time. This goes for more than just the lawnmower, of course.


Clean and care for those tools

Aside from the motorized tools, you need to think about the manual tools, as well. For those with metal handles, make sure that you have a good oil to help clean them and store them in a cool, dry place where they’re not likely to be affected by corrosion and rust. If you see any that are visible rusting, it’s probably too late for them and time to replace them. Similarly, be sure to seal the wood handles of any tools that have them to prevent them from rotting or from getting damp when using them.


Give the furniture a once over

It’s not just the greenery that’s going to need some care. You should make sure that your garden furniture is in a good condition to bring out and display once again. Plastic is easy enough to clean, but anything that’s made of wood might need a bit more care. Aside from giving it a decent wash, you should find a good wood oil to help you seal it, protecting it from the elements, now that it’s likely to be outdoors for most of the year, again.


With the tips above, taking care of that big spring clean should hopefully be a lot easier. It still needs to be done, one way or another.