is a new website enabling private jet consumers to compare over 75 private jet card and prepaid private jet charter offerings at the click of a button! LuxeGetaways takes a closer look at this unique new opportunity for those taking a serious look at private jets for their personal and business travel needs.

Owner and creator of and a noted expert on private aviation, Doug Gollan, came up with the idea for the site while writing about these private jet options for While researching private jet cards and prepaid programs and trying to compare programs from nearly 20 companies, he found that policies varied in a wide range of areas from where they will fly you to how they calculate charges.

There were so many choices–from national and regional providers to companies that specialized in large, long range planes and others that focused on smaller aircraft. Some companies owned or managed the planes in the programs while others went into the open market to source aircraft in the same way that a charter broker sources aircraft. Many had minimum hours per day, wherein a 40-minute flight might be charged the minimum two hours of flight time. There were even policies about fees to take your pet or minimum age for sending unaccompanied minors. Which is where proves its usefulness…


“Private jet cards and prepaid private aviation charter programs typically range from $50,000 to over $500,000 making it a significant investment when one considers a 25-hour jet card only covers about two roundtrip flights between New York and Los Angeles,” said Doug Gollan, Founder and Editor.

Utilizing a comprehensive checklist covering everything critical in making the right travel decisions, covers 18 companies offering over 75 different programs. The comparison is broken into nine parts and includes over 60 points of differentiation in spreadsheet format for easy comparison:

Corporate Overview

  • Date Founded
  • Ownership
  • CEO
  • Headquarters Location
  • Number of Employees

Website, Sales Contacts and Service Area

  • Website URL
  • Sales Contact
  • Service Area (Where you can fly)

Product Overview

  • Product Name
  • Applicable Aircraft
  • Maximum Seating
  • Fleet Source
  • Aircraft Sourcing Standards
  • ARG/US and Wyvern Certification Levels
  • Additional access to turboprops and helicopters
  • Program Denominations (By Hours or Dollars)


  • Expiration Policy of Hours/Deposit
  • Refund Policy
  • Refill Policy
  • Liability and Risk Coverage


  • Initiation Fees
  • Annual Dues
  • Hourly Rates by Program
  • Annual CPI Escalator
  • Federal Excise Tax
  • Additional Taxes and Surcharges
  • Additional Fuel Surcharges
  • Additional Fees
  • Taxi time billing per flight
  • Minimum Flying Time Charged

Discounts and Surcharges

  • Roundtrip Discounts
  • One-way Surcharges
  • Qualification for Roundtrips
  • Peak Travel Surcharges
  • Destinations subject to surcharges

Travel Planning

  • Reservations Lead Times
  • Peak Time Reservations Lead Times
  • Specific Peak Days
  • Blackout Days
  • Multiple Same Time Aircraft Use
  • Peak Period Cancellation Policy for US and International Flights
  • Flight Cancellation Policy for US and International Flights
  • Guaranteed Upgrades and Downgrades
  • Interchange Fees for Upgrades and Downgrades

Travel Details

  • FBO Choice
  • Inclusion of Catering and Description
  • Guaranteed WiFi
  • Minimum Pilot Experiences
  • Flight Attendant Inclusions
  • Guaranteed Full Lavatory
  • Pets Policy
  • Unaccompanied Minors Policy

Customer Support

  • Service Recovery Policy For Non-Mechanical Delays
  • 24/7 Customer Service Availability
  • Additional Services and Benefits

With annual jet card and prepaid charter program sales in the U.S. currently estimated at $2 billion, there are about 70,000 Ultra High Net Worth families in the U.S. (Net worth $30 million +) who regularly buy jets cards and will find  helpful in narrowing their private aircraft needs and searches. Users have two options to access the content. Access is free for users who agree to provide information about their private aviation travel needs and are willing to have their information shared with private aviation companies. For $250, users can gain access with the provision that their data will not be shared or sold. The term for both options is one-year.