As Seen On Media Post | If you want proof of the continued vitality and burgeoning potential of the publishing industry, just look at the raft of new publications — both print and digital — launching every week. These niche publications target relatively small groups of interested readers with engaging content that allows them to present a special value proposition to advertisers.

Online travel and lifestyle publication LuxeGetaways recently announced the launch of a print edition to expand engagement with its online audience.

“LuxeGetaways Magazine” will be distributed every quarter, with an initial print distribution of 50,000 copies. The online and print publication offers a unique mix of luxury and budget travel advice, for travelers who enjoy high-end travel, but want to do so selectively.

Banana magazine, a new fashion and lifestyle publication for Asian-Americans who find themselves straddling cultures, is releasing its second issue, which includes features on Chinese jewelry and fashion designer Sandy Liang, among many others.

Founders Kathleen Tso and Vicki Ho tell New York about Banana: “We want to reach anyone of Asian descent (full and partial) ,and anyone who is just interested in reading about creative, bomb-ass Asians. The intended audience is everyone who celebrates and appreciates Asians and Asian culture.”

A third new print launch is Trend & Tradition, a new quarterly magazine devoted to Colonial Williamsburg, which recreates colonial life with an immersive experience, and its connections to 21st century life and culture.

The first issue includes coverage of 2016 Black History Month and related activities at Colonial Williamsburg, an article by Jim Lehrer on uncivil political debate and recipes for meals modern and historic. There’s also a retail section highlighting Colonial Williamsburg’s myriad of historical products. The magazine will be delivered to over 100,000 donors to the foundation.

Podster is a digital magazine devoted to podcasts and podcasters, published by Shelf Media, which also publishes Shelf Unbound, an indie book review magazine. The first issue includes interviews with podcasters Gretchen Rubin, of “Happier,” and Alex Goldman, of “Reply All.” The magazine is free to subscribers. is a digital magazine targeting the silver segment of the winter sport, which is poised to grow rapidly in coming years as baby boomers age and improved medical care allows seniors to stay active longer.

The magazine includes guides to senior-friendly resorts, tips on where to find senior discounts, diet and fitness advice, and reviews of products for senior skiers, including a new generation of boots and skis that allow for more control on the slopes.