Travelling is one of the most common desires of half the world’s population. But only a few have the guts to actually live the life of a traveller. However, there’s one roadblock that most of these brave hearts come across – funding their travel. And for this reason, many abandon their RVing dreams midway, or before they start.

The life of a RVier is full of great adventures, soul-stirring moments and memories. But everything from maintenance of the RV to the fuel needs money. In addition, you’ll also need an extra pool of cash for food, clothing, lodging, and plenty of other requirements. So what’s better than earning money while you are travelling? Use trusted RV trailer axle manufacture , you will save much maintenance cost.


Yes, that’s possible! In fact, that’s how many other RVers survive their full-time travels. From selling products to writing travelogues, there’s plenty of options to earn money while travelling. We all have one or more skills, and there are plenty of opportunities out there to put them to good use. 


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Being connected through the internet and platforms like Trello and Asana, the world is a global workplace. Moreover, more and more employers are pooling talent, irrespective of their geographical locations. Besides, you can also find money earning opportunities at every next location you pull your brakes at.


Earning money while RVing also comes with additional perks. While you don’t have to commit in any long term projects, you have the flexibility to work as and when you are short of cash. Besides, another great reason to earn money while RVing, is that as a part of life on road, you’ll come across a number of opportunities to enhance your skills. 


Methods of Making money while RVing:

So here are a few methods, that will help you earn while you are on the road. Some of these could help you cover a full months expenses, while others may just help you with some pocket money. Come have a look!

  • Freelancing ( on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork)

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Freelancing is a great way of making money while RVing. You can sell your skills on online work platforms like Fiverr and Upwork (there are many more), as and when you have time. You can write content, design websites, sell photographs, create marketing campaigns, and much more depending on your qualifications and skills.


Moreover, you will always have the option to get work as and when you are short of money. Besides, you may not have to commit to regular work delivery, as in the case of most jobs. Another perk – you’ll have the power to fix your own price and choose your own clients.


Freelancing also helps you widen your work portfolio as you’ll be working for clients from different corners of the world. With gradual experience and client feedback, you can also scale up your work charges and work for bigger clients and projects.

  • Blogging

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Though blogging can not fill your coffers overnight, if you are good at it, you’ll earn sufficient money to fund your travel. Depending on the time and effort you put into it, you may generate enough income beyond your travel expenses. 


Most RVers prefer writing about their travel experiences, or the places they visit. But do not limit yourself! You must pick a niche that’s close to your heart. Be it fashion, technology, gadgets, or food, when the theme is close to your heart, better words will pour into your blog and interest the readers.


Besides, it’s not just about hitting the keys on your laptop. Once you establish your blog, you can earn extra money through advertisements, affiliate marketing, and similar digital techniques, all while being your own boss.

  • Virtual Assistant (handling someone’s business calls or social media accounts)

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Becoming a virtual assistant is another amazing way to earn money while RVing. This job role may involve tasks like scheduling appointments and phone calls, writing emails, bookkeeping, social media management, etc. Your employer will probably need your assistance in order to save their time which they’ll spend on other important tasks. 


While you might have to be regular with this distant job, it’s easy to handle and make bucks. The price that you will receive for your services will depend on the level of your expertise and efficiency. 

  • Transcription and Proofreading business

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If your skills with English grammar are top-notch, why not put it to some real use. Proofreading simply entails reading a text and looking for any grammatical or punctuation errors. There are a number of writers who are looking for people with apt grammar skills and an eye for detail. And if you chance upon one, you’ll make some money for your services. 


Anyhow, if you are not that good with grammar, there’s another option for you, transcriptions. Transcriptions are the digital or printed format of information. So if you are okay typing out content on your laptop in your free time, this will suit you. The other thing that you’ll need is an internet connection.

  • Swagbucks and Website testing

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Though it might not suffice to pay any of your bills, earning some pocket change is not a bad idea. Swagbucks is an online reward and loyalty-program website. You simply have to use its search engine for your usual online activity. In return, you will earn free gift cards almost every time you shop on your favourite sites.


User testing is another easy way to earn some extra cash online. There are a number of websites whose owners or developers are looking for real people to test its usability and efficiency. As a part of this trade, you will be asked to install some software and record the screen time, while you test its functioning. You’ll probably have to spend around 10 to 20 minutes, to earn a $10 pay.


So while these two methods may not buy all of your groceries, it’s definitely easy pocket money.

  • Sell on Online Stores

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You might have spent thousands on online stores so far, but do you know that you can also earn from the same stores? Yes! Especially Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) has a great potential to earn from, once you turn a seller.


It’s no rocket science. You simply have to find a product niche, find a remote vendor and create your seller account. You just have to test a few samples and the online sellers will directly handle the tasks from warehousing to delivery. 


Easier said than done, you’ll definitely have to invest considerable time and efforts initially and once everything is set, you’ll just have to manage the logs while RVing. You neither have to be physically present to receive or send orders, not bother about other errands. 


You can even hire the services of digital marketers to optimize your listings and you’ll still have your profit charts shooting up. The best part? You can sell almost anything from jewellery to cosmetics, or even furniture, as per your taste.

  • Online Tutoring

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There are plenty of online tutoring websites that are fast catching up to meet the needs of acquiring quality skills. While RVing, you can offer your services to one of these platforms and earn money on the go.


Obviously, you’ll need to have the necessary skills and qualifications before being eligible to impart education to others. Besides, you will also have to go through multiple rounds before being hired as a tutor.


Many full-time RVers already earn a fair share of money by teaching one to one to kids online. One of the most fascinating ones is VipKid which connects English teachers from the US and Canada to students spread across the globe. 


It is one of the most convenient jobs, also for the reason that you will be paid at an hourly rate. Though these hourly rates will vary from person to person and platform to platform, you will have the freedom to travel and work, all at the same time.

  • Paid Surveys on the web

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Sitting in front of your desk could also pay you money. Information is the key to all the decision making at all levels.  So there are all sorts of businesses out there that are looking for consumer feedback and are even ready to pay for filling in your opinions.


Online surveys are an easy way to get some financial side support. However, you must know that you might have to complete a lot of surveys before making any reasonable remunerations. Common payment mediums of these survey sites are online cash and gift cards. 


Also, you need to be careful of finding authentic survey sites that will pay you well for your time and efforts. Besides, when you participate in online surveys, your opinions will help shape the kind of products that will be sold in the market and many high-level management decisions by corporates, big and small.

  • Leverage the power of Craiglist for random gigs

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People need assistance for a lot of little things. From packing stuff to organising shelves, there are a lot of job posts on the Craiglist. Though you’ll have to do some serious scanning, you can do these interesting tasks for some random money while RVing.


Just search for the city you are in on the Craiglist and look for gigs that you can work on. These are a good option to supplement your income, for a meal or two, for just a couple hours of work.

  • Odd jobs like dog-walking or Airbnb home management

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Love dogs and cats? Congratulations, here’s another money-making opportunity for you. If you are RVing pet sitting or dog walking is one interesting gig to do. Though there’s one catch. You will have to advertise your services online or look for such jobs on the internet.


For this, you may either look on the Craiglist of the city you are in at that moment, or enlist your services on reputable website s like the rover. All you’ll have to do is either sit in a fancy house to pet sit, or go on a walk with the little pooch by your side. You’ll love it.

  • Seasonal jobs like Farming 

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There are a number of seasonal jobs that you can work for. For instance, during harvesting season there is always a need for extra hands. You can assist in such jobs for a few hours of the day, plucking fruits or boxing them. Besides, just a few hours of work per day can easily land you a good sum.


Other seasonal jobs are at retail stores. Where during the onset of another season, extra help is required to fold the clothes, arrange the new collection, etc. these are easy gigs and consume only a part of your day. The rest of the time, you can explore the area, or work on other tasks.

  • Mobile Mechanic

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When driving an RV across the country, you must have already had a fair share of knowledge of the mechanics. In case you have in-depth hands-on experience, it’s even better. So when a fellow traveller needs some oil change or maintenance you can offer your service in exchange for money.


You can even set up a little side business, by even having a website for your services. Network with other RVers and spread the word about your business. You can also do a certification course to authenticate your skills. 

  • Sell Products on the Roadside

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There are a lot of RVers who carry along a bunch of products with them which they put on sale on the roadside. These may range from handicrafts to soft toys, or even daily essentials, which one may find difficult to access when RVing. 


These products could be your own, or you can work for a vendor, remotely. In case you have the skills to create something artsy, you can put it up for sale, whenever, you are in another town. 



So there are a number of means and job types that can help you earn money and survive your RVing experience. You might have picked out a few of the jobs that you can try your hands on. Just take an initiative and be a successful RVier, next time you are on the road. Without having to be chained to a 9 to 5 job, you can now break free and fund your RVer life. If you can write quality article about light trailer parts, the trailer & trailer parts supplier will need it. It can be post in their website.