It’s difficult to keep up with the amazing technology that continues to enter the luxury auto industry, and these three examples offer unique innovations that enhance these luxury autos that are already some of the most sought-after models available today. A trend is certainly functions that continue to lead us toward a complete autonomous auto in the not too distant future.

BMW Display Key Controls More Than Just the Ignition

BMW’s i8 hybrid sports car is a rolling showcase of all new toys from our friends in Bavaria. Some of that technology has made its way to the newly redesigned flagship 7 Series luxury sedan starting with the most important feature, the key.

In addition to controlling basic functions like locking, unlocking and popping the trunk, BMW’s Display Key takes things much further with 2.2 inch intuitive touch screen. Anyone who swipes will be comfortable moving between the various information screens.

What makes this FOB worthy of the Ultimate Driving Machine is its ability to park the car with the driver outside. Squeezing into a tight space could be as easy as pulling out your key. The entire parking procedure is monitored by Park Distance Control (PDC), the Parking assistant and the Surround View sensors.

Tesla Upgrades Make the Best Even Better

Having a car that isn’t bad for the environment is a good thing. But having a car that can be upgraded with the latest technology and performance is an amazing thing. Telsa Model S owners enjoy both those benefits and the latest upgrades available really do make the best selling electric car in North America even better!

The latest Autopilot upgrade comes with a host of autonomous and safety features including Autosteer with uses a unique camera to sense lane markings and will gently adjust the steering wheel to follow the lane markings. Someone parked too close to your door? The upgrade also includes Summon which allows owners to ‘call’ their Tesla with their smarthpone. The system can also open Homelink operated garage doors. The Telsa Model S will only drive 33 feet without a driver, so if you change your mind about walking, you are out of luck.

Other features in the upgrade include an advanced Side Collision Avoidance system and Auto Lane Change. Prices for the upgrade range between $2500 to $3000 depending on which version Model S. Some enthusiasts may question all this ‘driving’ technology and Tesla has you covered. Owners of P85D models can purchase the Ludicrous Mode upgrade for $5000. For that you get a 0-100 km/h time of a scant 2.8 seconds. Good for the environment and really really fast? It is no surprise the Model S was the best selling luxury car in the U.S. in 2015.

Land Rover Takes Autonomy Off of the Road

Land Rover has its own autonomous technology in development and will soon be rolling out a remote control function on the Range Rover Sport line. Unlike other systems, the driver actually controls the SUV steering and acceleration via app on a smartphone or tablet.

The benefit to Land Rover’s technology is that it can be applied to situations that often applies to conditions that can only apply to Range Rover. The system uses sensors to assess available space and to avoid pedestrians, vehicles and other objects. It takes over gear selection, steering, braking and acceleration to make as many forward and backwards movements as necessary to achieve the manoeuvre. Owners will appreciate being able to maneuver their SUVs remotely out of deep polar ice shelfs, knee high mud bogs and crowded country club parking lots.