For many, the term “luxury auto” refers only to the most lavish autos costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it’s often the unexpected purchases that can be most beneficial. True that purchasing a brand new car is a wonderful feeling. The intoxicating smell of new car is unique and as wonderful as the feeling that no one else has ever driven your car. Unfortunately new cars are not cheap, and the majority of them lose a significant amount of money the moment they are driven off the lot. The cost of depreciation can be steep! However, there are a few luxury cars that make good investments; as they will actually appreciate in value as they age! LuxeGetaways was able to connect with Peter Smith to explore this unique collection of autos. Smith not only has a unique passion about autos, but is also a regular contributor to numerous sites focused on tech and cars, including Design911 that offers high quality Porsche parts, spares and accessories.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

3365656448_94ca9a73b4_bThe GT3 has been produced since 1999 with no major changes to its bodywork, or even the power. It is stylish, sleek, powerful and instantly recognizable wherever you are in the world. In fact, the car is as streamlined and aerodynamic as any of Porsche’s most recent offerings. This makes it a timeless classic; the older it gets, the fewer exist, and the more valuable it will be! It is likely the more recent model on the 997 chassis will also become a good choice for investors.

Ferrari Testarossa


This car was born in the 1980‘s, and was the dream of every car enthusiast. It has a V12 engine and was elegantly, yet flamboyantly designed. The wild looks and awesome sounding engine demanded attention. Ferrari Testarossa is currently worth approximately the same price as it was when new, however, experts say that there is likely to be a sharp rise in prices in the near future.

Volvo P1800 

5966782229_b1bfd4aa6d_bVolvo P1800 comes straight from a 1960’s Bond film, and was the epitome of style, sophistication and speed. It was one of the most admired cars of its day. Despite being built and powered by standard Volvo parts it has become a classic. New it was worth $10,000, but prices are currently rising, and a good example of this vehicle will today achieve a much higher figure than this.

Bentley Turbo RT


Bentley has always been associated with sophistication, power and beauty. The RT turbo is also a very rare car, as it was produced for just two years, between 1997 and 1999. It has a 6.8 liter engine giving 400 horsepower and cost just $28,000 new. Prices are currently rising, and are likely to surpass this figure in the next few years.

Ford GT

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis high performance car was first produced in 2004; one hundred years after Ford first started making cars. There were only 4,000 of these high performance supercars made. They are incredibly fast and still beautifully designed. Ford GT is powered by a genuine American muscle engine; 5.4 liter V8 with 550 horsepower. It rapidly became a collector’s car, and is increasing in value.



BMW Z8 was produced between 1999 and 2003. It was designed as a retro sports car with modern components, and it can hit sixty from a standing start in less than four seconds. The style, and the sheer joy for the driver being behind the wheel have made it a classic which is slowly appreciating; and likely to continue to do so.

In addition to these impressive examples, Peter Smith also has three added models that are still great investments for any car connoisseur…

Triumph Stag Mk 1: This luxury sports car was built to compete with the Mercedes S Class in the 1970’s. The original version is powered by a 2.5 liter engine, whilst later versions have a 3 liter V8 for increased power and torque. Triumph Stag Mk 1 is fun to drive, even by today’s standards and was made famous when Sean Connery used it as Bond in the film ‘Diamonds are Forever’. The car has been seen as a classic for many years, and prices are steadily climbing.

Jensen C-V8: Only 500 of these genuine muscle cars were made between 1962 and 1966. They were hand built to an exacting standard and were powered by a 5.9 liter Chrysler V8. Jensen C-V8 is impressive to drive and its rarity will assure you if a good return on your investment.

Toyota Supra Turbo: Toyota Supra Turbo is one of the most well known and loved sports coupes of the 1990’s. Its standard engine had 320 horsepower and went from zero to sixty in just five seconds. However tuning experts have discovered that the engine can be tuned to hit one thousand horsepower! It has become a classic example of nineties engineering, and the value is starting to increase.

Photos Courtesy Flickr | Creative Commons License

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