Perhaps you’ve seen a sleek black 757 sitting at an airport and wondered what it was? Well wonder no more. The Four Seasons Private Jet is whisking some well-heeled travelers away on several worldwide itineraries, each stopping at Four Season properties.

Four Seasons has announced three more itineraries to their line-up for 2017. Culinary DiscoveriesGlobal Getaway and International Intrigue. You can bet that all of the food on these trips will be outstanding no matter which you select.

Culinary Discoveries

Want to forage for your own mushrooms for dinner with a Michelin-starred chef? Maybe a private dinner at several of the world‘s renowned restaurants? The Culinary Discoveries trip was developed in partnership with Noma, the famed Copenhagen restaurant and its head chef, René Redzepi, who is among the most influential chefs in the world. The Noma team worked with Four Seasons to select the most exciting culinary destinations worldwide. You‘ll travel and explore the world‘s cuisine with experts and insiders over a three-week period. The trip opens in Seoul and spans nine countries, including Japan, India, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Hong Kong, Denmark, and ending in Paris. And you bet there will be lots of vintage champagne and fine wines to sip along the way. The best? In addition to all of the famous chefs and winemakers around the world with whom you will meet and dine, you will end your adventure with a spectacular evening at famed Michelin-starred Le Cinq at Four Seasons Hotel George V. Oh la la!

Global Getaway

The Global Getaway will take a few lucky travelers to stops in Singapore, Koh Samui, Dubai, Budapest, Nice, Lisbon, Nevis, Bogotá and Miami. And you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Your personal concierge onboard can suggest offerings in each destination and will make the bookings for you. Fancy seeing Dubai by helicopter? Play baccarat at Casino de Monte-Carlo or get behind the wheel of a Ferrari? How about private salsa lessons in Columbia? And of course Ducky, you must attend the gala dinner at the National Palace of Queluz in Lisbon. Plan to dance your last night away to the pulsating vibe of vibrant Miami.

International Intrigue

International Intrigue has you jetting to temples in Kyoto, exploring the urban cities of Seattle, Boston and Beijing. You’ll also have the opportunity to wander around the architectural marvels and art of St. Petersburg and Budapest, but also includes the natural inspiration of the wildlife of the Serengeti and the crystaline waters of Maldives. And if that’s not enough, you also visit Marrakech with its bazaars, souks and Yves St. Laurent’s beautiful garden Majorele.

Pack Your Bags

At $135,000, per person base price (based on double occupancy) for each of these journeys, these might appeal primarily to flush bucket-listers and A-listers, but you won’t deny that they are extremely enticing. All that you have to do is pack your bags; Four Seasons Private Jet will take care of every other detail from start to finish. I don’t know, maybe they’d even pack your bag?

Photos Courtesy Four Seasons