LuxeGetaways Magazine – Fall 2016 | The trend towards the need to have the latest and greatest smartwatches increases each season, and these are four of our favorite options today.


The many faces of TAG HEUER’s Connected… TAG HEUER was one of the first luxury brands to map out a strategy for a smartwatch, and their Connected watch was met with great success. Affluent early adopters had no issue shelling out $1,500 for these smartwatches, which were quickly sold out.

What sets this watch apart is the ability to change the watch face to classic and modern TAG designs with the swipe of a finger. TAG has taken that one step further and commissioned celebrities and sports stars to create their own watch faces that owners can download.


The B55 Exospace is not your everyday smartwatch… Breitling watches are known for their aviation themed designs, and are the favorite of pilots both recreational and professional for their functionality. The B55 Exospace is the aviator’s smartwatch with specialized apps and data tracking that connect and send data to your smartphone. The B55 is true to its Breitling heritage with an analog watch face complimented by two scrolling display screens.

While not your run of the mill smartwatch that makes phone calls and books airline tickets, the B55 Exospace defines itself as a high tech aviator’s instrument while still maintaining that classic Breitling design, and priced at approximately $8,900.

3. LG

The Urbane Luxe is obtainable luxury… While the Apple Watch Edition Rose Gold costs a bit more than $10,000, LG offers its own interpretation of the luxury smartwatch in 23k gold, complete with stylish alligator strap for about $1,200 (limited edition). LG is also known for their cutting edge television technology, which translates down to the Urbane Luxe’s stunning Full-Circle P-OLED Display.

LG’s smartwatch runs on Android 4.3 or later, and can even run iOS (but with very limited functionality). This device supports cloud connectivity, which allows users to make and receive calls and notifications without their actual phone. Now that is really cutting the cord!


Yes, Apple is now a luxury brand… There is a lot of debate as to what brand actually created the smartwatch market. While that may still be in question, there is no argument that Apple is king among many areas of the technology world, including smartwatches; and has created such a strong following that anything branded by Apple can instantly become a lifestyle choice.

Anyone familiar with iPhone (or iOS in general) will appreciate the intuitive interface on the Apple Watch. Functionality, apps and connectivity are generally the same across most models with memory sizes being the only difference. With various thicknesses, band styles and finishes, the Apple smartwatch is a very popular choice today. One of our favorites is a classic and elegant 38mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Link Bracelet, which is priced at approximately $1,000.

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