After a year of lockdowns, many travelers are beginning to view travel as a long-term investment, both financially and in terms of their personal health and wellbeing. So this seems like a perfect time for Exclusive Resorts to introduce their Million Dollar Membership – a $1M travel club membership that includes access to private, bucket-list worthy vacations in luxury mansions and ships around the world. In line with the growing trend of “slow travel” – spending more time in less places – the customizable Membership provides you with the opportunity to create a bespoke vacation itinerary spanning the next 10 years.

Here’s How the Million Dollar Membership Works:

The $1 million membership offers Members the best that Exclusive Resorts offers since it includes the 10-year Ultra Membership, which is one of Exclusive’s most flexible plans. With the Ultra Membership, you can take advantage of priority booking, full holiday access, and the ability to travel 20-60 days annually at any of the club’s locations worldwide. The per diems are added to cover the additional private trips or immersive Journeys booked throughout the year (outside of their annual plan days, which are used to book the homes). The $1Million Membership gives you priority booking for Exclusive’s private trips such as the immersive Once-in-a-Lifetime (OIAL) Journeys or a trip aboard the largest private residential ship on the planet, The World.

The plan was created this year because of the demand Exclusive Resorts is seeing with Members looking to travel again and more frequently/further. This membership and the overall Club offers tremendous value in multiple ways – peace of mind and time. From booking with their personal ambassador who understands your travel needs to having an on the ground Concierge who will be there to assist you at the homes. Club Members know every home/location they stay in is vetted, hand-selected, and meticulously maintained and each immersive trip is well planned and highly vetted as well.

For Example: A custom Million Dollar Membership could include:

    • Immersive Once-in-a-Lifetime (OIAL) Journeys to multiple continents
    • A trip aboard the largest private residential ship on the planet, The World
    • A luxurious stay at the private, 10-person Villa Pendio in Lake Como, Italy
    • A private yacht experience in the Caribbean
    • A private trip to Peru / Patagonia (South America)

While we agree that throwing a million dollar price tag out there sounds a bit over-the-top, there is a lot being offered over a longer period of time, and as many of our travelers want when traveling: all the details are curated by the Exclusive Resorts team… leaving you with nothing to do, but simply enjoy the travel experiences with your friends and family!