No matter how many times you have visited, or which remote corners you have explored, a journey to Italy always yields surprise, delight and discovery. Taking in a sunrise over a postcard-perfect northern lake, swooning over the glowing, floodlit ruins of the Roman Forum at night, gleaning cooking tips and making new friends at an out-of-the-way trattoria, or reveling in pampering spa treatments with majestic Tuscany as a backdrop… Italy is, after all, Italy. There is no place else quite like it, and there are few places on earth where travelers can simultaneously bask in such luxury and authenticity.

In our special section on Italy, LuxeGetaways writers share our favorite Italy experiences, from cities to small towns, from lakes to lagoons, and from 5-star, palatial hotels to indulgent spas to luxury boutique properties. We have highlighted just a few of the country’s diverse, fascinating regions, which we invite you to explore with us:

Rome: The Eternal City never ceases to enthrall, from its ancient ruins to its Papal treasures to its enchanting medieval centro storico. Our tour looks at three ways to experience Italy’s capital, in three neighborhoods with distinctly different character and ambiance.

Tuscany: The spirit of the Renaissance is alive in Florence, as Italy’s vibrant heart beats in this central region’s rolling hills, archetypal landscapes and picturesque hill towns. We dive into iconic Tuscany, from an extraordinary 15th-century villa on the hillside of Fiesole with extraordinary views of Florence, the city of Michelangelo, Leonardo and the Medicis, to a bliss-out spa among the vineyards.

Lombardy & the Lakes: The Lakes of Italy’s Lombardy region are a dream destination for the stunning scenery, beguiling small towns, elegant vibe, and their not-insignificant celebrity cache. We take you to Lake Como dotted with fine palazzos, luxury hotels and enchanting villages along the shore of the glistening lake favored by the rich and famous. And then it’s on to Milan, Italy’s globally recognized design capital, for food, fashion and finance.

The Venetian Lagoon: Experience La Serenissima, as Venice is known, from a new angle, minus the crowds and cruise ships. Learn how and where to shop for one-of-a-kind glass creations by going right to the source—Murano, one of the enchanting islands of the Venetian Lagoon.

A Spa in the Dolomites: In the South Tyrol region of Italy, the Dolomite mountains are a four-season playground, with outdoor adventures, both soft and high-adrenaline, unique regional cuisine and culture and a distinct Alpine flair. It’s a perfect destination for families, especially when explored from the cozy base of a 5-star wellness resort.

5-Star Cities: Bologna and Verona are often overlooked on typical tourist itineraries; all the more reason to experience the Old World elegance, thrilling history and unmatched cultural events of these vibrant cities. Do so from the lap of luxury in these palace-like 5-star properties.