I had the privilege of meeting Christian de Jabrun a number of years ago, and have continued to be impressed with the level of services he delivers to his clients – whether it be hosting a large corporate group at one of the world’s most prestigious events, or providing an intimate luxury lifestyle experience to a small group looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Christian has a unique ability to connect with his clients, and as I’ve seen many times over during these years, his clients become friends, and these friends become long-time clients.

Taking this personalized approach with every event and customized client experience; Christian has created a very specialized niche in the world of concierge services. I was able to recently sit with Christian and discuss a number of upcoming events where he is working with clients to provide unforgettable event experiences, and also the level of services that he offers to his international roster of clients. With a true zest for life, and a unique understanding of the industry, I can honestly say that Christian and his company, deJabs Private Concierge & Events, are in a class of their own.

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Q: What makes your approach to concierge services unique?

A: What makes my approach as a concierge unique, is my diversified background: working different positions in the luxury hospitality industry (understanding every aspect of service and quality products), a stint in the special forces (security conscious, discipline), extensive travel and experience within different cultures and social levels.

Q: What is the most outrageous request you have been given?

A: Nothing outrageous, but I have been approached by a big club, to help put together an international polo tournament, within a two-week period. I wore several caps during those two weeks leading up to the actual three-day event, which under normal circumstances takes a full calendar year to organize. I went from picking up a VIP client from the airport, to riding the horses prior to the tournament to get their traveling legs back to normal and familiar with the new surroundings, to arranging non-delivered drinks to the venue, changing my clothes faster and more often than a Broadway actor, to selling tickets, arranging sponsorships… and more! I lived an entire year of intensity within those two short weeks.

Q: You are recognized to provide your clients with a unique, personalized experience — how do you do this?

A: I listen and ensure that I am able to honor each request whilst keeping things realistic. My “blackbook” allows me to deliver on just about any request that I’m given. As long as it’s legal, my team and I can get it done!

Q: Travelers today love “experiences” — if a family or couple is looking to have a travel experience, what can you provide them?

A: Off the beaten path experiences, as I have access to certain things that are not available to the general public (private vineyards for example, that will open for my clients only)… I am able to provide private chefs, nannies, chauffeurs, exclusive shopping experiences, yachts, villas (exceptional locations, including chalets and apartments in European capitals), classic cars, and organize any type of event (from a garden opera to a convention). The clients’ imagination is our limit….

Q: I know you are based in France – but where else do you provide your services?

A: Beyond the infinite possibilities at “home” in the South of France, I also provide my services to clients throughout Southern Africa, as a specialty since I spent over two decades of my life in that region. Closer to home, we are doing a lot of work with clients throughout Western Europe (Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Austria). With an international roster of clients from Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Africa, our events and services are truly world-wide, and I always enjoy hosting clients who are coming to the South of France and looking for a local experience that I know only deJabs Private Concierge & Events can deliver. 

Four Upcoming Events

As with many events, Christian’s clients want to know that they have tickets; but it is really about so much more than just tickets… they want a personalized experience that is unforgettable. Already busily making arrangements that includes hotels, villas, private jet charters, yacht rentals and other “beyond the ropes” experiences, the spring and summer months will surely be an exciting time for Christian and his team.

Antigua Opera Society – This inaugural event is one that combines culture, travel, philanthropy and the arts, making it a perfect fit for deJabs Private Concierge & Events to come in and provide support (arranging the flights and logistics of making the artists comfortable and happy). This series of events is held across three different venues, and includes a number of appearances by an impressive collection of international talent all coming together to support this community, and the arts. Learn More: April 14 & April 15 Events >> facebook.com/AntiguaOperaSociety 

Monaco Grand Prix – This is one race that needs no introduction, as it is not only thrilling to watch, but it is the event of the year for Monaco. Not only does deJabs Private Concierge & Events have access to these tickets (and all the Formula 1 championship tickets), but they also have packages that can include flights, additional services and even apartments along the course for those looking for an intimate way to watch the event as the locals do.

Cannes Film Festival – This is an international social gathering for the film industry that has become a favorite event for studio heads and celebrities to celebrate their industry, and it hosts the best parties of the year (AMFAR, deGRISOGONO, CHOPPARD, and more). These events are accessible with deJabs Private Concierge & Events, as well as all services to make it an amazing Cannes experience (flights, transfers, accommodations, party access, red carpet access and more).

Petrol Head Rally – A rally of Supercars that takes you from London to Monaco over a six-day period, while zipping along the roads through Belgium, Germany, Italy and then into France and Monaco – making this exhilarating travel experience a dream for anyone with a love for fine autos. Working with deJabs Private Concierge & Events, this driving experience can be personalized to meet your every need, and is one not to miss.

Learn More: Facebook Instagram | contact@dejabs.com | www.dejabs.com