Sponsored Post | LuxeGetaways is always looking for unique products that enhance our lives, especially our traveling lives. We think that you will agree that this unique skincare product is one to share — BioEsse Probiotics was developed by Quorum Innovations, an American company based in Florida. Co-founders Dr. Nick Monsul MD, FACS, an Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgeon and Dr. Eva Berkes MD, FAAAAI, an allergist and immunologist set out to develop a 100% natural skincare line with an active ingredient of topical probiotics.

OK, you say, what does this mean? The short answer is that the product supports the skin’s “acid mantle.” Did you realize that your skin has billions of friendly bacteria, like your GI tract, and they support the microbiome foundation of your skin? Interesting concept, wouldn’t you agree?

In addition to all of the plant-based ingredients, what we like about the line is that it is simple. There are only a few ingredients, and they work together flawlessly to form a healthy regime for your skin. Start with the Hydrating Cleanser, which feels silky to the touch. Follow with the Rejuvenating Serum, a jasmine-based serum that penetrates, balances and hydrates. Smooth on some Renewing Facial Lotion containing Kokum butter an anti-aging discovery for that dewy look, and at night add the Regenerating Eye Cream based with lavender to the tender eye area. What you are doing is protecting your natural “acid mantle” on your skin which creates a natural barrier against harmful bacteria and fungi. BioEsse supports this healthy pH unlike so many of the soaps and other facial products available today.


BioEsse Probiotics Essence for The Skin - LuxeGetaways

Clinical tests by BioEsse Probiotics on both men and women for 4 weeks, and 8 weeks, show less facial redness, improved texture, younger appearance and firmer feeling skin. Initially available to only a select few via luxury spas, medical spas, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists; you can now purchase this most impressive line of products at BioEsseProbiotics.com and Amazon.com.

LG TIP: Simply pour the products into your own labeled, travel-size containers to take with you during your next getaway so you don’t interrupt your BioEsse Probiotics regime. With these kinds of results, you will not want to miss a single day.

BioEsse Probiotics Essence for The Skin - LuxeGetaways

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