It has been a bizarre season of weather, to say the least. However, Atlantis, Paradise Island is going strong, and maintaining their position as one of the most sought-after destinations in the area. When it comes to getaways in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, Atlantis has been one of the finest for a multitude of reasons for more than 20 years. Beyond the grand hotel and casino, it also features the world’s largest open-air marine habitat (Aquaventure), a 141-acre waterscape (including the iconic Mayan Temple’s Leap of Faith slide), 11 amazing pools, four miles of magnificent beaches, and a Tom Weiskopf-designed golf course. We especially love being able to enjoy all that the Atlantis has to offer, while being a guest at The Cove – a separate resort within a resort that offers the finest luxury offerings via their rooms/suites, private pools, beaches and unparalleled dining and shopping. For anyone who thinks that they have “been there, done that” when it comes to visiting the Atlantis, they now have three more reasons to begin planning another visit.

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The Coral at Atlantis

Atlantis, Paradise Island has been unveiling elements of the renovations and re-branding of The Coral at Atlantis this season. Long known as a distinct mecca for family entertainment and its breathtaking beaches, Atlantis will introduce cutting edge offerings and creative amenities to continue driving its status as the top family travel vacation destination where fun, education, culture and purpose come together. The “new” look is a relaxed family escape, along with a new lobby lounge and redesigned contemporary rooms and suites that are wrapped in ocean hues and soft palettes of coral and sandy golds, highlighting a serene beach atmosphere. Furnished with modern, light grey tile flooring, mahogany wood-based furniture and decor, chic white bedding and textured headboards, rooms are framed with crisp window treatments reflective of the Bahamian sun. The summer began with the introduction of the new renovations of The Coral at Atlantis, and the brand new Marina Village will be revealed this fall.

Sun & Ice at The Coral

Along with this fresh new look at The Coral, Sun & Ice has been unveiled as the resort’s first-ever Bahamian ice cream parlor with Chef Wayne Moncur, as part of Atlantis’ continued commitment to nurturing the talent, tastes, sounds and creativity from across the islands of the Bahamas. First introduced to the Bahamian market in 2008 by Chef Wayne, and reflective of his childhood memories of weekly Sunday visits to the ice-cream parlor with his family, Sun & Ice was created as a “farm to table” concept. The ice creams, gelatos and sorbets created by Chef Wayne consist of simple ingredients such as fresh cream, milk and pure cane sugar coupled with the organic wonders of the island, ranging from seasonal Bahamian fruits to teas, herbs, seeds and spices. Each of these ingredients is thoughtfully selected by Chef Wayne who travels frequently to local farms and gardens throughout the country – we love that guests can experience the contrast between sweet and savory when ordering sorbet consisting of Pineapple & Thyme or take heaping spoonfuls of Mango Skin Gelato, designed with the simplest of ingredients, Mangola & Avocado. Simple is a good thing!

Atlantis has always been in the Bahamas and now, the Bahamas is truly in Atlantis. This has been the year of “new” immersive cultural experiences as the resort celebrates their 7,500 proud Bahamian associates, local chefs, artists and culture. Atlantis, Paradise Island is proud of their island home, and the traditions that continue to be woven into each layer of the resort — knowing that there is no better person that Chef Wayne to help share the story of Bahamian culture with this fun, culinary experience.

Fish by José Andrés

Slated to open in early 2018, Fish by José Andrés will be located at The Cove and will celebrate the delectable abundance of fish and seafood from the azure waters of the Bahamas and Caribbean Sea, delivering an unmatched dining experience for resort guests as well as locals. The restaurant will highlight the freshest possible seafood, skillfully transformed into memorable dishes using local fish and seafood from fresh lobster and crustaceans to tuna, lionfish, and Bahamian conch. The menu will also feature Andrés and team’s take on Bahamian favorites. Preparations will range from simple and flavorful to innovative and creative, served as small plates for sharing or larger-format dishes.

“Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the ocean – whether it’s enjoying the freshest delicacies of the local waters or going diving!” said Chef Andrés. “The Fish brand tells the story of this beautiful, mysterious thing we call the sea, through food — and my team and I are very excited to create this new experience at The Cove. The new Bahamian team is as committed as I am to supporting sustainable fishing practices and the protection of the Bahamian coral reefs!”

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