LuxeGetaways _Milan Cathedral (Dome, Duomo)

A 36 Hour Getaway in Milan

Milan may be the world’s fashion capital but there’s much more to this city than haute couture. Milan is home to some of Italy’s most famous architecture and art. On your next European trip, opt for a two-day l...
"461 steams past Shanderry on the outskirts of Portarlington with the 0840 Connolly - Galway "Emerald Isle Explorer". Fri 19.06.15"

Ireland: The New Art of Train Travel

When you think back to the Golden Age of Travel, images of fancy commuter trains, the first cruise ships and airplanes come to mind when there was an art to it all, not the hassle we have today. As more people get out to explore the world, we find there is sti...