Évora Forever | LuxeGetaways Magazine

Évora Forever

LuxeGetaways Magazine - Spring 2017 | The feast spread before us was eye-popping in its beauty and variety. Goat cheese and lamb cheese, platters of prosciutto, purple and black olives, bowls of sweet green gra...

A Weekend in Geneva

LuxeGetaways Magazine - Spring 2017 | People are often quick to tell you that Geneva (Switzerland’s banking and financial hub) is too expensive, and this can be true: the city often caters to elite politicos, ambassadors, diplomats and world leaders. Though lu...
Celebrate Canada | Spring Issue of LuxeGetaways Magazine

Celebrate Canada

LuxeGetaways Magazine – Spring 2017 | Named the number one travel destination for 2017 by The New York Times and Lonely Planet, Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. With exciting things happen...